Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has appointed Singapore based green innovation solution provider, Innoverde Pte Ltd, as their distributor and system integrator of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in South East Asia.

Their first partnership debut will be at CommunicAsia 2015 (Booth 3B5-­‐10) where they will showcase the MFC 3000 High Capacity Fuel Cell UPS System, an eco-friendly, clean energy replacement to Batteries or Genset for Telecom sites.

“Innoverde shares the same vision with Horizon Fuel Cell technologies in changing the energy and fuel cell landscape. With their extensive experience in distribution of fuel cell systems in the region, we are excited to work together as partners to bring our technology to new industries. Our strategic partnership allows us to continue our focus on technology enhancement and R&D while Innoverde takes the product to the right end-users.”
- Craig Knight, Director of Industrial Solutions at Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

“We are proud to be working together with fellow Singapore based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies within Southeast Asia region. With 4 years experience in successfully distributing German made systems that fulfill small-medium energy requirements in industries such as security, we noticed a demand and gap in the availability of bigger capacity systems of more than 1kW for other industries and applications. With Horizon Fuel Cell Systems, this opens up a whole new market for us to engage in.”
-­ Ken Pereira, CEO of Innoverde Pte Ltd

About Innoverde Pte Ltd
Innoverde Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that is dedicated to providing green innovative solutions that increase productivity. Fuel by the belief that being environmentally driven can benefit both society and also be economical to companies, Innoverde aims to introduce innovative and green solutions that would help cultivate a productive yet sustainable society. Green energy solutions such as Fuel Cell Technology are one of the many that Innoverde hopes to achieve this with.

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