Waterproofing Solutions

Solve your waterproofing problems with 100% waterproof, weatherproof and lightweight panels.

Without the need to use a waterproof membrane, our panels prevent leaking, water from being absorbed, stops moisture and prevents further damage such as hair line cracks, deterioration, wicking and mould from growing. It has also been successful used in wet areas which experience water ponding or UV radiation.


A&A works & restoration: Waterproof current wet areas without hacking. Simply lay the panel on top of existing floor (If it has not rotted), and your choice of paint, laminate, tiles over. This ensures little downtime and inconvenience for occupants in apartments or buildings, and solves any leakage immediately.

New construction: For structural use, use a steel/aluminium/wood/cross-laminated timbre frame and lay panels on top of frame. Ensure your waterproofing from the start to avoid expensive water damage, mounding in future.

Panels are joined using tongue and groove joints and polyurethane based glue for strong and waterproof joints.


100% Waterproof

Solves all waterproofing problems


60-70% lighter than traditional panels such as fibre cement board

Increase Productivity


Reduce installation time

Labour Saving

Reduce manpower required to work on site


Flexibility in executed designs


All wet areas such as balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, building facades and more.