Green Marketing Solutions

Our 3 wheeler pedallic electric tricycle (e-trike) is a new, innovative and striking outdoor advertising solution for advertisers and brands. Whether on-the-move or stationary, the e-trikes are eco-friendly, self-sustaining and powered by portable, off-grid, clean energy.

The e-trike provides high visibility for your brand and creates buzz & excitement for your event or campaign. With a fully customisable skin, it can fit in with your desired campaign or brand look & feel, or be converted to a cart for retail possibilities.

Environmentally conscious, it is powered by 100% clean energy, producing no harmful emissions. It runs silently and smoothly and is self-sustainable on it’s own. It is also able to power up any additional equipment such as lights, cameras or screens needed for your event.


Interactive & Engaging
No Emissions
High Visibility


• Advertising & Promotions • Events • Roadshows • F&B • Retail • Guerilla Marketing