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Green Building & Construction Solutions

We provide green productivity solutions for the building and construction industry that will help cut down their carbon footprint in every step of the way, and one of the products that does just that is MultiPanel.

MultiPanel is a revolutionary, high density, polyurethane composite building panel that is lightweight, 100% waterproof, eco-friendly and highly versatile. Manufactured from natural non petroleum based oils, and containing no ozone damaging agents, greenhouses gases or volatile organic compounds, it is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional building materials such as marine ply, MDF, fibre cement sheeting, particle board, plasterboard.

MultiPanel can be used for various applications – For floors & walls in wet areas such as bathrooms, balconies, kitchens, rooftops and building facades, for outdoor furniture & landscaping, for feature walls, water features and more.

Innoverde provides supply, fabrication and installation services of MultiPanel.


100% waterproof

Eliminate rotting and leaking around the home, restaurant, retail store or building


70% lighter than traditional building materials, making it easy to work with and conserving fuel consumption in transport and fit out


A non-toxic and non hazardous alternative to timber-based products, conserving our forests


Flexible to complex designs and compound curves

Labour & time saving

Lightweight, easy to work with traditional tools and CNC routered


Excellent thermal insulation properties resulting in natural cooling and lower energy use across applications


Strength is 210kg/m3, making it stronger than traditional foam cores

Fire retardant

Uses non-halogen containing fire retardant additives


• Landscaping • Garden roofs • Balconies • Water features • Furniture • Kitchen • Bathrooms • Art installations

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